mickey8presentinglarge.gif (6483 bytes)Things to do while at the store

1. Calculate/estimate the discount on items advertised % off.

2. Estimate the cost of all of the items in your basket by rounding and then adding in your head. Jot down your estimate as you shop so you don’t lose track, and then check it against the register tape.

3. Or, you can cut the total off of the bottom of the register tape and see how close you can estimate the cost of all of the items.

4. Keep a running total of all prices on a calculator and then calculate the tax too. See if your total matches the cash register receipt.

5. Look at a product label on a can or a box and figure out what all the numbers mean. Figure out what all of the nutritional information means.

6. Use the label on a product to figure out how many you would have to buy to serve 100 people. 500 people. 1,000 people.

7. Comparison shop--figure out whether it is better to buy two 24-ounce boxes of cereal for $.96 or three 20-ounce boxes of the same cereal for $1.20. You can do this at the store using items you need to purchase. Compare the unit prices of different sizes of 3 or more kinds of food.

8. Pay for a small purchase with a large bill and then make sure you got the correct amount of change. Or, just make the purchase for mom or dad, count out the correct amount of money, and then count your change.

9. How much money do you think mom or dad spends on food every week? Check with them and compare your estimate with the actual amount they spend. Any surprises?

10. Help mom or dad plan the week’s menu and then create a shopping list to accompany the menu. Check weekly sale ads for local grocery stores to see if there is anything you can buy on sale. Take coupons with you too. Estimate the cost of the groceries before you shop, and then compare your estimate to the actual cost.

11. Estimate the number of bags it will take to hold all of your purchases.


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