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1. Compare prices for 10 gallons of gasoline by using the cost of gas per gallon. Or, estimate the cost to fill the car based on the number of gallons your car’s gas tank holds.

2. Identify road signs and tell what geometric shape they are.

3. Read a map. This helps you with graphing and grids and the use of indexes and cross referencing.

4. Use a map to estimate the distance from your house to a friend’s house. Write down the odometer reading before you leave and after you arrive to calculate the actual distance.

5. Estimate/calculate the time it will take you to drive a given distance based on your current speed (miles per hour).

6. License Plate Game: add up the numbers on the car license plates as they pass by. You should alternate cars so that you would get the first plate, your friend/sister would get the second plate, you would get the third, and so on. You could set a time limit or a number goal to know who the winner is. (you could use tally marks)

7. Passenger Game: a variation on the license plate game. You take turns adding the number of passengers in a car. Or, you can make a frequency table and tally the different number of passengers. You could create a graph to go along with your frequency table.

8. Give a friend/brother/sister mental math problems.

9. Count the number of telephone poles in one mile. Estimate the number of poles for your entire trip based on the trip odometer.



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