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            Ask any of my students or any of my family and friends and they’ll tell you I’m crazy about Mickey Mouse. I love that Mouse! I have anything you can think of that might have Mickey Mouse emblazoned on its side. I only started collecting Mickey Mouse seriously about 10 years ago. My first Mickey Mouse was a Marching Mickey, that my Aunt Sherry bought for me at an auction my sophomore year in high school. For years that Marching Mickey sat on my bed all alone. It wasn’t until I started college and began hitting the local thrift stores and flea markets that I became Mickey Mouse obsessed. While I like Minnie and Donald, and the other Disney characters, my collection is almost exclusively Mickey Mouse. I like Mickey Mouse figures, either rubber, ceramic, bisque, chalk, or paper mache. I have some unusual Mickey Mouse items in my collection. I have a set of Mickey Mouse handkerchiefs that were hand embroidered. I also have one of the original Mickey Mouse Cracker Jack charms. My dad bought him for me at Christmas last year. I also have a Mickey Mouse Fisher Price Xylophone that’s wood and tin. Some of my favorite Mickey Mouses are: my paper mache Mickey Mouse from Disneyland whose head bobs up and down; my Mickey Mouse jack-in-the-boxes (I have several types); a Bandleader Mickey in a car that’s made of chalk and was probably a carnival prize; my Mickey Mouse club tambourines and guitar; and my Mickey Mouse footstool. I have lots of Mickey Mouses that my students have given to me over the years. Some of these I have at school, but most are at home. These in particular, have sentimental value to me.         steamboatwillie.gif (10544 bytes)

        I have an entire room and bathroom in my house devoted to the Magical Mouse. In order to keep my collection as dust free and as safe as possible, my husband built me a showcase in one of our back bedrooms. Using the closet that was already in the room, he laid down an oak wood floor and special ordered glass shelves and glass doors. He also installed lights so that every Mickey Mouse is visible, including the ones on the back part of the shelves. The room itself has seen many changes since we first moved into the house. This was the room in our house where we first located our now infamous termites. This was also the room in the house that had a black latex ceiling, and it had black window shades. After repairing the termite damage, we decided to put up wall molding and some Mickey Mouse wallpaper trim. Later on I covered an old sofa in Mickey Mouse material and made curtains to match. Currently, the Mickey Mouse sofa is in my classroom at school. This is because my Mickey Mouse room is now occupied by my niece Hope’s crib and twin sized bed (decorated in Mickey Mouse of course). My Mickey Mouse bathroom just underwent a major renovation. It received new black and white wall and floor tiles and a window!


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