Talking and Writing About Math

1. Ask yourself what you did today that required you to use math.

2. Why do stores sell things for $5.99 rather than $6.00?

3. Do you think coupons save consumers money, or are they more trouble than they are worth?

4. Think of several ways you can earn money this summer. Choose something you would like to purchase with that money and see how long it will take you to earn that money.

5. Why do stores have sales?

6. Explain to a younger brother or sister why math is so important.

7. Tell why a person counting to 200 by tens would get there faster than a person counting by fives.

8. Make up your own humorous math sentences using math words. (Fractions break me up! Circumference really keeps me going in circles! Scales, what a heavy thought!)

9. Write a math jingle to a famous tune. (Geometry is about lines and shapes, lines and shapes, lines and shapes Mary Had a Little Lamb).

10. Make a rhyme in the following way:

6 and 8 went on a date

6 x 8 is 48.

6 and 7 lost their shoe

6 x 7 is 42.

6 and 9 washed the floor

6 x 9 is 54.

11. Make up a story in which the characters, people, and events are all math words. For example: Mr. Peri Meter met Mr. E.Z. Math on the corner of Geometry Street and Angle Avenue. They were going to lunch at the Square Deal Restaurant.

12. Make a creative story using the titles below:

How It Came To Be and Other Tales: The Day Division Was Invented

Why Multiplication Was Invented

How Numbers Became Squares

Six Did Not Pick Up Sticks

The Prime Minister of Numbers

How I Became a Roman Numeral

How I Became an Odd Number

How I Made a Million in the Stock Market

13. Rewrite or retell a fairy tale to include numerical information. Once upon a time there were three little pigs. The oldest was Buffa. He was 14 years old and he liked to tell jokes. Next came Herbert who was 12 years old. He was the funniest of the three, etc...

14. Write a script for a video that tell how numbers have played an important part in your life. Tell about your successes and failures.

15. Create a math newsletter for your family. Research Fibonacci, Benjamin Banneker, Sonya Kovalesky, and Eratosthenes. Include something on Roman Numerals. Make up word problems or brain teasers. Be creative. Include stories or poems about numbers. Include your families’ favorite recipes and tell how to double or halve the amounts.

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