Poems by Mrs. Loiselle's Students



         Free verse poem by L.G

Dreams can take you any place,

Like in a box, jug or a vase.

Go back in time with General Washington,

Or meet a monster called Honey Bun.

Go to the future where spaceships fly,

Finding beautiful mountains that meet the eye.

All these dreams are in your head,

While you sleep soundly in your bed.

Sometimes you dream about scary flights,

That sometime awaken you in the night.

Or running through a field of flowers,

Or dream it  backwards and they bring April showers.

Or dream about a golden goose.

This poem was not written by Dr. Seuss.


Liver Limerick by M.R

Liver, Liver, it makes me shiver,

It makes my little brother want to quiver.

It's wet and it's slimy,

It's gross and it's grimy,

I hate it so much I cry rivers.




Bugs in jugs, boxes, and jars,

Stuck to windshields on your cars.

Found under rugs and in your hair,

Bugs are found practically everywhere.

One place they're not found is Mars!


Sailing Over Seas

A Quatrain by E.K.

Into the sunset we will sail,

Over the waves drinking ale,

We'll hold our breath during the storms,

We'll hold it so long we'll turn white pale.


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