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by Mrs. Loiselle

        The school I teach at has a book publishing program we call, PAW Printers. The PAW is an acronym for PUBLISHING ADVANCES WRITING, but it also comes from our school mascot, the Crofton Cub. Each year, a brigade of generous volunteers put together books that are written by students and teachers. The books are typed and bound by the volunteers and then returned to their authors for illustrating. This program was started by Nancy Gough, a parent-volunteer at our school. Because I taught her son my first year of teaching, Nancy encouraged me to write a book and have it published. So I did, and that’s where, Excerpts From the Diary of a First Year Teacher came from. In the years to follow, Nancy encouraged me to write two other books; I only published one, but I began another and missed the printing deadline. Palmolive Snow and Wonder Bread Parachutes was my second book to be published. I began writing a book about moving into my new house, but because things were so hectic, I didn’t finish. You can read the unfinished manuscript for Moving to Crofton and you’ll probably understand why I missed the deadline. I went two years without publishing, and when Laura Young took over the PAW Printers’ program, I enlisted her help in publishing a book titled, The Adventures of Bubba and Tallulah. This book was written as a gift for my soon to be born niece and it includes stories about her father and I when we were children. Ms. Young knew I was going to give the book as a gift, and despite the countless hours it must have taken to type and construct the first book, she made me a second copy to keep for myself. I will probably be writing another book for PAW Printers this year, but I’m not sure what the topic will be. I will probably write about something that happened to me as a kid that isn’t included in any of my other books. When I get my manuscript written, I’ll be sure to post it here so that you can read it too. I’m even thinking of writing the book and allowing you to see my work in progress. I thought it would be neat to see how someone starts a story, and then makes changes as it is edited and revised.

Table of Contents for Mrs. Loiselle's Stories

  1. How I Teachnew01.gif (3875 bytes)

  2. Room 403--new01.gif (3875 bytes)

  3. Moving to Crofton (an unfinished story)

  4. The Adventures of  Bubba and Tallulah

  5. Wonder Bread Parachutes and Palmolive Snow

  6. Excerpts from the Diary of a First Year Teacher

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