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How is an Apple Like the Earth?


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1. Read the following, taking note of the bold lettered words.

An apple is one of the most important fruits that grow on trees. The skin of the many different apples ranges from various shades of red to green and yellow. Apples are grown all over the world. Apples consist of about 85 per cent water. They contains vitamins A and C, potassium, pectin, and fiber. The flesh of the apple is cream-colored, white, or yellow. The texture of the apple may be soft or firm. The center of apple consists of a core. This core is made up of seeds located inside a seed casing. Unless you slice an apple to eat it, you never see the seeds or the seed casing.

2. Cut your apple into halves from the top to the bottom. Give half to someone else.

3. Draw a picture of your "cut away" apple. Make sure we can see the insides. Use the bold words from above to label your diagram.



4. Write 4 more analogies that compare an apple to the earth. Use the example below as a guide.

Example: The seeds are to the apple as the inner core is to the earth.


5. Explain whether or not you think the apple is a good example to use when studying the layers of the earth. Give reasons.


Study Guide-4 Geological Eras

Test-Wednesday, April 17th


****Notebooks will not be collected for a grade-the Matrix on the 4 Geological Eras will be collected for a note grade on Thursday, April 11th. It will be returned the morning of Friday, April 12th.

The test will be on the information found in/on:

1. Outline on Geological Eras

2. Packet-Earth’s Timeline

3. Matrix-4 Eras

The test will consist of facts on the different eras. The student must be able to identify the era to which each fact applies.


Mammals first appeared during the ...

A. Precambrian B. Paleozoic

C. Mesozoic D. Cenozoic


Note for the future: Students will need colored pencils for our upcoming plant unit. They must have these by Monday, April 15th. Please check to see that your child has a science notebook-we have children who have lost their notebooks. I will check to see that ALL students have a notebook on Monday, April 15th.


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