Onomatopoeia Project


LANGUAGE ARTS Onomatopoeia-"Through the Sounds of Language"

We are bombarded with these words(Zoom, Swoosh, Zap, Boom, Pbbb-pbb) while reading books, comics, magazines and while watching TV.

Onomatopoeias describe the sounds that objects and people make. They make sentences sound alive.

Your assignment this week will be to create an original story that has onomatopoeic words.

 ONE DAY Make a list of onomatopoeic words. Brainstorm-think of all the sounds you hear every day. Hint: the longer your list, the easier it will be to write your story.

TWO/THREE DAYS Write a story that includes your onomatopoeic words. Your story can be funny, scary, mysterious, or serious.

This story will not need to be edited for grammatical errors. However, you will need to read your story to someone who can you make sure your story is clear and makes sense.


ONE DAY There is no better way to experience a story with onomatopoeic words than to hear the story out loud. Therefore, your job today is to read your story to someone at home. How original can you get with your sounds?

Please make sure that when you read your story, it is easy to understand the story (pronounce clearly, no mumbling) and the sounds. You are going to be graded on your oral presentation and not the written copy.


PLEASE Turn in:

1. This sheet.

You will be graded on:

1. The originality and creativeness of your story.

2. The number of Onomatopoeic sounds in your story.

3. How well you read and present your story in class.


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