Ice Cream Party

Homework for April 19-22

Due: April 23rd

(to be eligible for the party!)


As you know, I am planning a spring ice cream party. It will be a build your own sundae party. In order to attend, you must neatly and accurately complete the following activity packet.

  1. There will be 24 students, 1 teacher, 1 principal, and 1 guidance counselor attending our party. Each person will use approximately 2 cups of ice cream. I want to buy the ice cream in the large gallon containers. Each gallon contains 16 cups of ice cream.
How many gallon containers of ice cream should I buy? Show your work below.


Turkey Hill Ice Cream

Giant Ice Cream

2 gallons for $5.00

3 gallons for $8.00

Use the table above to answer the following questions.
Which ice cream should I buy and why?


What will the ice cream for the party cost? Show your work below.



Explain how you could find the amount of money it will cost to buy ice cream for one person. Be specific (examples, labels, written explanation).



  1. I have planned these possibilities for the sundaes.
Ice Creams: Chocolate Peanut Cup, Chocolate Marshmallow, Neapolitan, French Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla Fudge
Sauces: hot fudge, caramel, strawberry


Toppings: nuts, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate chips


A friend suggested that the sundae be a real surprise. Each student would spin a spinner to select their ice cream, sauce, and topping.

Draw a spinner to show the choices for ice cream.



What’s the probability of landing on French Vanilla? How do you know? Explain how you found your answer (use words like certain, likely, unlikely, etc.).




  1. Now, what if I told you that you change how you choose your sundae? You will spin all three spinners and then roll 1 die. If the boys roll a number divisible by 2, they can spin one of their spinners again if they didn’t like their first spin. If the girls roll a number divisible by 3, they can spin one of their spinners again if they didn’t like their first spin.
How many outcomes are possible when rolling? _________
What are the possible outcomes when rolling? ______________________
What is the probability a boy will roll a number divisible by 2? ________
What is the probability a girl will roll a number divisible by 3? ________
Is this new way of choosing a sundae fair or unfair? Explain your answer.




How could you still use the die and change the process so that it is fair? Be specific.
  1. I didn’t like the idea of spinning a spinner or rolling a die. I think you should be able to choose your own sundae combinations. But, suppose you are limited to one item from each category. List below all the possible combinations for the sundaes. (You may want to use a tree diagram to help you list all possible outcomes.)


  3. Design your own procedure for selecting sundaes. Be sure your procedure is fair and that is provides a way to choose ice cream, sauces, and toppings. (You may use a die, a pair of dice, a spinner, a coin, or any other way you can think of.)


3.  What would your choice of the three items be for your sundae?

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