Fantasy Island Bird


You just finished reading about the Island of Aviana and all of its unique characteristics. Now is your opportunity to describe a bird that might live there by creating a poster for the National Audobon Society convention where scientists share new birds they’ve discovered.


Your poster should somehow include:

  1. Choose one of the habitats mentioned in the article (sandy beach, sandy forest, swampy forest, and field).
  2. Describe the habitat in more detail.
  3. Tell how your bird is especially adapted to the habitat you’ve described.
    • What, when, and how does your bird eat?
    • Where does your bird nest and what does it use to build its nest?
    • Does your bird migrate and, if they do, where do they go and why?
    • Does your bird have any special characteristics that help it survive/stay alive? (beaks, feet, wings, coloring, special voice, size, etc.)
  1. Draw a picture of your bird and its habitat. Make sure the drawing has details of the special adaptations your bird has for staying alive.
  2. A 3-D portion—something on your poster that sticks out—gives your poster texture, pizzazz, etc.



Your score

My score

Describes habitat using sufficient details that the reader gets a picture in their head. (15 pts)    
Clear and specific description of how bird is specially adapted to your habitat. (40 pts)    
A colorful, detailed picture of your bird and its habitat. (25 pts)    
A 3-D part on your poster that grabs your attention. (20 pts)    

Total Score




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