Excerpts from Historic Williamsburg Essays

Written after our Trip on March 20th, 1998

I think the trip to Williamsburg was fun.  It was a bummer that it had to rain that day.  Oh, well;  I still enjoyed the trip. (D.P.)

On Friday, the whole 5th grade took a bus trip to Williamsburg.  We went into lots of buildings, including the Governor's Palace.   This was my favorite place because it was so posh.  As soon as you enter, the main hall is covered with guns, pistols, and swords.  (A.P.)

The Governor's Palace was used as a hospital for George Washington's troops.  Behind the palace is a grave with lots of people who probably died in the hospital from war wounds. (O.Q.)

On the second floor of the Governor's Palace is a room used for meetings that has wallpaper with real gold flecks. (J.Z.)

The Governor's Palace burned down to the ground and they rebuilt it years later.  Every room there had a fireplace. (A.J.)

We got a full tour of the governor's gardens.   The best part of the gardens was the maze.  (S.F.)

The maze was really hard to get out.  Our tour guide told us that the maze was over 100 years old.  I liked the building called the Magazine where they kept the guns and gunpowder. (K.W.)

There were so many places to see, but the Governor's Palace was the best.  They used the rooms for many different occasions.  My favorite room was the Ballroom.  The King and Queen's portraits hang on both sides of the room.  The room is painted a beautiful sky blue, with bits of trim and lace everywhere. (J.J.)

There were only 3 to 4 blacksmiths in Williamsburg.   (R.G.)

The Governor's Palace was very interesting, as well as big and beautiful.  It had pretty white balconies.  I wish I could live in Williamsburg. (E.K.)

One of the governors named his baby daughter Virginia.  When the war was getting ready to start, the King had the governor go into the night and steal the colonist's weapons. (C.F.)

One of the governor's wives was only 16 when she lived in the palace. Did you know that the palace burned down 3 times? (A.S.)

The butcher/cook at the palace showed us some of the food that the people at the palace would've eaten. (S.C.)

If you stole something in Colonial Williamsburg, they might cut off your hand.  Or, they might put you in the stocks next to the courthouse.  I was surprised to find out that children didn't go to school.   They could work with their mom if they were a girl, and work with their dad if they were a boy.  (H.C.)

One of the many historical sites we visited was the church.  It is the oldest, longest running church in America.  It had a very fancy place for the governor and his guards to sit.  (P.J.)

On our fieldtrip to Williamsburg I learned how the latest fashions were shipped to Williamsburg.  At the the tailor shop I saw a cap called a "pudding hat."  The tailor told us that girls wore these until they were 11 or 12.  (C.D.)

One of the many things I learned was the slaves, fathers, mothers, sisters, and brothers all attended a school right there at Williamsburg.   (B.H.)

The Rolling Hills Tavern was neat.  It had two plays for us to participate in--one was a dress rehearsal and we were the first to see it.   (A.E.)

One of the new things I learned in Williamsburg was that the people who lived there planted a lot of crops and gardens. (B.S.)

When we visited the jail I found out that some of Blackbeard's Pirates were held in one of the cells we went into.  The cells were not very comfortable and they were very little.  I found out too that the person who ran the jail lived there with his family. (J.A.)

After lunch we went to the Raleigh Tavern to tour around.  We saw some pretty emotional acts about slaves.  (C.L.)

At one of the taverns we visited the bedchambers.   There were lots of beds in one room.  For 7 pence more you could get a private room.  I liked the church too.  It was pretty neat how it was in the shape of a cross.  The part I thought was really neat was the story about the 2 little kids in the coffins right next to each other.  To tell you the truth, I couldn't summarize that story because it was so confusing, but I liked hearing it. (D.P.)


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