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1. Write a play and then design the props and costumes. Create a flier or invitation that lets everyone know when and where you will be performing.

2. Create your own carnival or fair for your brothers and sisters or younger neighbors.

3. Create your own board game about a place you visited this summer or some place you’ve already been.

4. Design your own wrapping paper.

5. Design your own postcards, write someone a note, and mail them.

6. Write a letter to one of your favorite authors telling them what you liked about their book or books. You can author addresses at the Crofton Library by just asking a librarian.

7. Write a letter to the President or the Governor telling them about some concerns you have.

8. Create your own TV show with friends and videotape it to send to relatives. Can’t videotape it? Then just perform it with your neighbors or relatives as the live studio audience.

9. Write a poem, a story, a biography, or anything you can think of and then send it to a children’s magazine. Who knows, maybe they’ll submit your entry. You can get the names of children’s magazines at the Crofton Library.

10. Have you ever wondered who invented your favorite toy or everyday appliance? Research your item and then share your findings with someone you know.

11. Write your own puppet show and make puppets to go along with your script. Use a covered table or a cardboard box as your puppet stage. If you use a cardboard box, just cut out a hole and you can decorate the rest of the box.

12. Has there ever been anything you wished you knew how to do? Don’t go through life not knowing; go to the library and look it up. Teach someone else once you learn how.

13. Read a book and create a game to go along with the book as a way of sharing what you read with your family and friends.

14. Create a family tree poster.

15. Interview your relatives and write up your interviews as a family newsletter.

16. Make a book to give to someone. You can do a poetry book, a picture book, a how to book, an experiment book, an informational book, or anything else that interests you.

17. Research a country and then spend a day or two doing things that people from that country would do. You could even prepare meals that meet your theme. You could teach your family some of the words or phrases that are important in that country.

18. Create a museum exhibit for friends, relatives, and neighbors to visit.

19. Have friends help you create your own newspaper just like the one we did in class, only smaller. Share with relatives and neighbors.

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