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A collection of (mostly) children’s interactive science exhibits from 5 continents. Students and teachers can visit on-line exhibits from Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North & South America. This is the most extensive list of on-line museums I have ever found on the web. What’s nice for kids is that they can travel around the world with the click of their mouse. And don’t forget, at these museums it isn’t mom and dad or the teacher who plan the trip; with this site it’s the kids who determine where they will visit and how long they’ll stay.  Beakman and Jax Science Stuff

This is a wonderful site for kids and teachers who love science. This site is a great accompaniment to episodes of Beakman’s World which airs on Saturday mornings. There are dozens of Interactive Demos for you to peruse. Some examples are, What’s in Blood?, How Does a Remote Control Work?, What is Ear Wax?, What’s a Magnet?, and What is Relativity? There are 50 Questions, submitted by children, and then extensive answers to these inquiries. Some of the questions include: Why do cats cough up hairballs?; How does soap work?; What are fingernails made of?; Why does my hair curl when it’s humid outside?; What is macaroni?; and Why do feet smell? This site will definitely appeal to the child who wants to know about things in their immediate environment. Not to mention, this site will answer questions that mom and dad probably don’t know how to answer.


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