What If...Science Fiction



"What if...Science Fiction & Imagination"

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1. Explain the author’s purpose for writing "What if...Science Fiction and Imgination." (2)


2. On page3, the author states, "Today we admire the imagination of a man who was thinking about a voyage to the moon before the Model T was even invented." Paraphrase the author’s words below.(2)



3. On page 10 the author states, "But that was not the end of science fiction!" Paraphrase what he means by this statement. (2)



4a. Read the "Article Scoring Tool."



SCORE 3: information very well organized; author used numerous techniques to present information; kept reader’s attention throughout entire article.


SCORE 2: information fairly well organized; author used several techniques to present information; kept reader’s attention throughout most of the article.


SCORE 1: information not well organized; author used only one technique to present information; didn’t keep reader’s attention.

b. Circle the score you would give the author of "What if..."

3 2 1


c. On another sheet of paper, write a note to your teacher explaining the score you gave the author of "What if..." Support your explanation with examples from the article. (3=content/2=language usage)


5. Are the facts in the article accurate? Give some proof. (3)




6. List 4 facts from the article that suggest the author is a science fiction fan. (2)


7. What qualities do the scientists and science fiction writers in this article seem to have in common? (2)


8a. The illustrations were: (Check one)

_____ very effective

_____ somewhat effective

_____ not effective


b. Support your choice with reasons or examples from the story. (2)

10. Generate three questions you would like to ask the author if it were possible. (3)



11. Recommend one way to improve this article. Explain your answer. (2)




12. Suppose someone who has never heard of science fiction asked you to explain what it is. What parts of the article would you used to help that person understand? (3)

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