cogs1.wmf (2214 bytes)A Teacher's Dream

(A Catalog of Robots)


    We've been studying and reading about robots.  You now have the opportunity to create and design some robots that would be of interest to teachers.  These robots should make a teacher's job easier and be able to perform a variety of jobs.

    Here's how to create your catalog:

Brainstorm a list of things you know a teacher must do.  Share and compare this list with a partner.  Feel free to update your list using their suggestions.

Choose 6 things off of that list that you think a teacher would need the most help with.  Circle your 6 choices.

Give your six choices a name.

Create a separate page for each of your robots by writing the name of the robot at the top of the page.

Write a descriptive paragraph about each robot.  Remember, this is a catalog that teachers can shop from, so you want to make your product (your robot), as appealing as possible. 

Now, for each robot, draw a labeled, color illustration to accompany your descriptive paragraph.

Create a Table of Contents page for your catalog of robots.

Don't forget to create an order form for your catalog too.

Design a cover for your catalog.

Staple your catalog together in this order:   Cover; table of contents; 6 robot pages with illustrations and descriptive paragraphs; and your order form.


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