Math Homework for Monday and Tuesday Nights!


Creating a Pictograph


  1. Decide on something(objects) in your house that you can divide into categories and then count using tally marks. (Example: types of shoes, silverware, color of shirts, types of reading materials)
  2. Decide on your categories and then create a frequency chart that has your headings down the left side, and a column for your tally marks on the left.
  3. Tally your objects.
  4. Create a pictograph using your frequency chart. Don’t forget:
A title
A key that shows a symbol and how many items it represents.
List your categories down the left and put your "pictures" on the right next to the category.


  1. Now, write a paragraph that interprets your graph for us. Tell us:
How you collected your data
Why you chose to use the items you did
Which item had the largest/smallest count
Which items are close in number
What your findings tell you about your household or the people living in it (What did you learn? Why do you think your results are like they are?)


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