My House by L.G.

   We've moved to our new house.  It is smaller than our old one, but it is pretty cozy. 

    Our house is an end unit.   The driveway is on the right side of the house.  There are two huge bushes on either side of the walkway into our house.  When you walk up to the front door, if you look behind you there is a tiny hill.  The hill is held up by a few wooden boards neatly laid down.  On part of the hill is a mulched area with a few trees and flowers.  Now when you are on the walkway, you already know it leads up to the house.   But, instead of stopping, the walkway goes around, behind the house and stretches down behind all the other houses and ends at a creek.  The creek is down a hill that is, so that the walkway ends at the top of the hill.  Then there is another sidewalk that continues around the court.  We have a backyard which is fenced, and instead of grass and dirt, it is boarded with wood.

Now when you walk into the front door, to your left you will see a dining room.  The room has one lighted fan and our table.   Then there is another doorway that leads to the kitchen.  The kitchen has a smaller room added onto it where the washer and dryer are stored.  If you go back to the front door and look to the right, you will see our family room.  It has two windows that face the parking lot.  Another thing you'll see at the front door are the stairs that lead up to the bedrooms.


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