Buddy Biographies

(On Our 1st Grade Friends)


My reading buddy Aaron is the coolest person on Earth. He likes most of the same stuff I do. For example, we both like going to the same places such as the game store. We are also both proud of our report cards. We both like the same foods and the same movie star. Our favorite subject in school is math. Our favorite TV show is Rugrats and our favorite cartoon character is Eddy. I love reading with my buddy every Wednesday.

Written by Michael




I have written a biography on my reading buddy Sammi. Sammi is 6 years old ad was on November 26, 1992. She has 1 sister named Katie.

Sammi has lots of favorites. Her favorite book is Just This Once and her favorite color is pink. Sammi likes to go to Target and shop. She absolutely loves tacos. Sammi watches Arthur on TV and her favorite cartoon character is Mickey Mouse.

Her favorite musical group is the Spice Girls. Sammi said that I am her favorite person and that she admires me. Her favorite sport is soccer and she loves playing anytime she gets the chance.

Sammi loves to read and she enjoys playing Monopoly a lot, especially when her mom can play. She is proud of being 6 years old.

Sammi has 2 cats and 1 dog. I consider Sammi to be one of very good friends.

Written by Christian




T.J. was born May 4, 1992. He doesn’t have any brothers but he has 3 sisters. T.J.’s favorite book is Virpes and his favorite color is blue.

T.J. enjoys going to Chucky Cheese to play and eat pizza. Grapes are his favorite food and he probably eats them while he watches the Cartoon Network. The Tazmanian Devil is his favorite cartoon character.

T.J. loves to sing Rock and Roll songs. George Washington is his favorite person. T.J. loves to play hockey and his favorite subject in school is writing. Michael Jordan is the sports player that T.J. admires. One of T.J.’s hobbies is playing cars and he is very proud of his mom. T.J. said his hero is his uncle.

T.J. has 2 pets: a cat and a dog. When he grows up, T.J. wants to be a movie star. I have enjoyed being his reading buddy. And, who knows, maybe I’ll see him on the big screen someday.

Written by Michael



By Andrew


My reading buddy is Tarell. He was born on August 1st in 1993. Tarell has 1 brother, but no sisters. Tarell has one pet and it’s a dog.

Tarell has lots of favorite things. For example, he loves the book Clifford and he likes the color blue. Tarell loves pizza and so of course his favorite restaurant is Pizza Hut. His favorite TV show is Scooby Doo and he likes that cartoon character the best too.

My reading buddy loves his brother Michael. When Tarell grows up, he wants to be a bus driver, even though it’s a noisy job. He likes to play basketball and he loves to play Sega. Tarell told me that he has trouble doing his homework, but that he keeps trying.

I’ve enjoyed working with my reading buddy this year, and I hope to see him again next year when he’s in second grade.


An Interview with


By Nicole

Six year old Holly is not your average 1st grader. She has an older sister. This amazing little girl was born on June 17th, 1999. Clifford is her #1 book. While shopping with her best friend Kasey at the mall, she might buy a yellow dress. Eating mashed potatoes with catsup on them is her all time favorite thing to eat.

Watching Sister, Sister and Bugs Bunny is fun for her. Holly loves country music! Soccer is the only sport for her! Like any little girl, she plays with Barbies. Holly thinks it’s too bad you can’t trade a normal school day in for a day of PE! Stone Cold gives Holly butterflies. Holly, like many other people, likes reading books and watching TV. Tya is her favorite TV star.

She is proud of herself for tying someone else’s shoes for them. One of the few things that the fantastic Holly Beeman has trouble doing is riding a 2 wheeler. What she wishes to be when she gets older is a Veterinarian. Her special hero is Hercules. Holly owns 1 cat and 12 fish.

Astonishing! How can a little 1st grader be sooooooo busy? We can only guess!


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